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Best Crystal Cat Litter – Is Crystal Better Than Clay?

Updated: August 10, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

For cat owners looking to buy cat litter for their little friend, they have two options: crystal or clay. Over the years, the unique technology of crystal cat litter has made it the number one choice of many pet owners. This cat litter is made of sodium silicate sand, which does a very good job of absorbing liquid. Crystal cat litter is highly liquid-absorbent and it helps in preventing your home from odors that emanate from litter boxes. However, choosing the best crystal cat litter can be a little bit tricky. This is why we have reviewed some of the best crystal cat litters in the market, to take away the stress of researching the market away from you.

The PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter is one of the best crystal cat litters out there. It is a long-lasting formula that uses less litter than traditional clay litters as well as offering better odor control.  It works with a variety of cat litter boxes and cat litter scoops, including automatic cat litter boxes.
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Best Crystal Cat Litter Reviews

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PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter


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Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter – Ultrapet


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Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter


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Ultra Pet Cat Litter Pearls Micro Crystals Cat Litter


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Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter


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1. PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter

The PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter is another awesome crystal cat litter in the market. This premium crystal cat litter does a great job when it comes to absorbing liquids. This liquid absorbing ability helps to keep the cat litter box dry and free from bad smell. With this crystal cat litter, rest assured that your cat’s litter box, as well as your home, would always smell fresh. This cat litter comes in two packs that weigh 2kg each.

Do not let the description on the pack confuse you. The description states that the two packs of the litter are used for the ScoopFree Reusable Cat Litter Trays. While they serve that purpose, you can also use them in standard cat litter boxes. They both work the same way. This crystal cat litter is blue, making it have a very attractive and nice look. These nice-looking blue crystals also come with a little fresh scent to leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

The litter also features a light lavender scent to fight odors that managed to escape the silica gel. You do not have anything to worry about, as the scent will not cause any harm to your pet. It is designed with an ultra-long lasting formula, which means you only have to use less of it. Without changing it completely, a pack of this premium crystal cat litter can last for up to a month. However, you need to scoop out the waste regularly to prevent odors.


2. Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter – Ultrapet

Ultra Pet is not one of the most popular brands in the cat litter market. However, the Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter is one of the best crystal cat litter out there, as the up and coming firm put in so much effort in making this product. This cat litter has put up a pretty great performance that has helped it to earn a spot among the best crystal cat litter on our list. This crystal cat litter is made with silica get crystals. These crystals are known for providing maximum odor control.

This cat litter requires minimal maintenance and it is also very easy to clean. It is also environmental-friendly because it does not pollute the landfill that much. The silica gels are great absorbents of liquid. They absorb liquid waste quickly, leaving the litter dry to the touch. It is not recommended that you touch the litter of your cat after it has been used. However, the manufacturer of this product promises that the litter would be dry after use. If you touch the litter eventually, you should wash your hands immediately to prevent the growth of bacteria.

With this crystal cat litter, you do not have to worry about dust. It is 99.9 percent dust-free, which makes it safe for you and your pet, especially from allergies triggered by dust. This litter is also great at drying up any solid waste from your furry feline, which makes scooping very easy and quick. You can use this crystal litter for up to a month without changing it.


3. LitterMaid P-70002 Large Crystal Litter

Are you looking for a large crystal cat litter for your large or multi-cats litter box? Then the LitterMaid Large Crystal Litter is what you need. This product features a 9-pound bag of crystal cat litter. It might look small but it is very powerful. The manufacturers of this product are honest with their word and they mean it when they say that this litter can absorb three times more liquid than the standard litter. Compared to traditional clay cat litter, a cat litter that absorbs three times the liquid is a great investment.

This litter also features larger crystals. The size of the crystals contributes to its efficiency in absorbing liquids. The large crystals also help to minimize litter from tracking all over the home. This means you do not have to do additional cleanups when using this litter. In addition to reducing tracking, it is also 99.99 percent dust-free. Most crystal cat litters are dust-free.

One of the most fascinating features of this product is its easy-pour bag. With this feature, you will no longer struggle whenever you want to pour litter into your cat’s litter box. To pour this litter, all you have to do is to open up the spout and pour out the quantity that you want. The manufacturers of this product recommend that you maintain a level of three to four inches in the litter box. The litter would be able to function at maximum capacity at this level. It also boasts of an extreme moisture control technology that traps and eliminates fecal and urine odors.


4. Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter

I am pretty sure you want your cat to have the freshest litter experience possible. Cats are pretty clean animals; they love clean environments. If their litter box is dirty, they would go and do their business somewhere else. With Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter, you can provide your cat with the cleanest and freshest litter box. Some cat owners usually compromise freshness for price. However, you can get both with this crystal cat litter.

Cat owners created this crystal cat litter, this means your cat would benefit from their years of experience and professionalism. This cat litter does a great job, as it does not make sense for a cat owner to make a product that does not work. They made the size of the crystals to be perfect for different scoopers, sifting cat litter boxes, and automatic cat litter boxes. These crystals are also the perfect size to absorb the most liquid. It absorbs liquid more than some other crystal litters, which are either too small or too big.

When it comes to controlling odor, you can count on this product. This crystal cat litter does not come with any artificial fragrances but it does a great job of getting rid of odors. Cat gets irritated quickly by funky smells because they have a great sense of smell. If their litter box stinks, they will not use the litter box. With this crystal cat litter, you can prevent such a scenario. The product is odorless and it is 100 percent safe for your furry friend.


5. Ultra Pet Cat Litter Pearls Micro Crystals Cat Litter

If your cat loves very small litter particles, then the Ultra Pet Cat Litter Pearls Micro Crystals are one of the best options you have. The particles of this crystal cat litter are so small that there are thousands of paths for a liquid to pass. The paths are also lined with absorptive surfaces. When it comes to handling the solid waste of cats, the work of the thousands of particle surfaces is to dehydrate the waste quickly. The process of dehydrating waste also eliminates the odor.

With its fast dehydrating feature, scooping out of solid waste is made fast and easy. This saves a lot of time, as you will not pay much attention to the litter box because no bad smell would be emanating from it. This litter is also made with low dust formula, keeping cats and cat owners with allergies, sensitive lungs, and asthma safe from attack. The smaller crystal particles would also make your pet feel comfortable while the cat is doing his or her business.

The crystal cat litter is lightweight and the bag weighs only 7 pounds. It is not that large, but it is very effective and efficient. This litter also lasts longer than the traditional clay cat litter. It is also on the cheaper side of the price spectrum. It is soft on paws, which is why many cats are very comfortable with it. With its maximum odor control formula, low dust, and absorptive surface with one thousand mini channels rest assured that you and your cat would have a nice time using this product.


6. Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long-Haired Cat Litter

The Precious Cat Long Haired Crystal Cat litter from Dr. Elsey made it on our list because of its unique features. This crystal cat litter is also designed to cater to cats with long hair. If you have a cat with long hair, then you should know what usually happens when your cat finishes his or her business. There is now a solution to this issue, thanks to the long-haired crystal cat litter of Dr. Elsey.

Hydrolyzed herbs were integrated into this crystal cat litter to draw in your furry feline. Cats with long hairs usually stain themselves after doing their business. However, this product prevents the feared staining of a  cat’s paws and fur from feces. The crystal cat litter is designed to trap urine and feces in contact, which should stop the wastes from sticking to where they should not. It is also designed to hold back odor, which helps to keep the air in your home fresh and clean.

In addition to its fascinating odor control technology, it also performs very well when it comes to minimizing dust. It is very easy to clean, as it does a great job of separating solid waste from liquid, which makes scooping very easy and quick. This crystal litter is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. This means it is completely safe for you and your furry friend. You also have nothing to fear if some of it gets stuck on your pet’s fur and he or she decides to groom or lick it off.


7. Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter

The Fresh Step Crystal Premium Cat Litter features a low-dust formula. The 8-pound bag is equivalent to a 28-pound bag of a standard clumping clay litter. This litter weighs less but it is more effective than most clay litters. This crystal litter is also designed to handle the waste of multiple cats or large cats.

This product is also great at controlling bad smells. When using this product, the bad smell will not be the determining factor for changing the litter. Between replacement, this crystal cat litter boasts of thirty days of odor control. According to the packaging, each bag could last up to two months for a single cat. This means that the two packs can serve you for four months or more if you have a single cat. To keep the odor control working, all you have to do is to scoop and mix the crystals every day. The low dust formula of this product also guarantees clearer air and cleaner surfaces.

The Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter also comes with a scent that is created with the happiness and health of your cat in mind. It also comes with Ammonia Block Technology that stops the growth of bacteria and deactivates pesky enzymes.


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Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Crystal Cat Litter

There are a series of vital features you need to put into consideration when buying crystal cat litter to ensure that you settle for the best one in the market. Here are some of the things you need to look out for in a crystal cat litter:

Odor Control

No cat owner wants their home to be filled with some funky smell from the litter box of their cat. To completely avoid this experience, you want to look for a crystal cat litter that comes with a great odor control technology. Sometimes, these products come with additional fragrances to overshadow and mask odors. However, the technology used in making crystals helps to eliminate the majority of odors because it absorbs so well. Hence, to completely avoid odors from cat litter boxes in your home, you should opt for a crystal cat litter product that absorbs liquid so well.


It is also vital that you find a product that is at least 99 percent dust-free. Many crystal cat litters keep dust at bay by the nature of their design. The chances of these particles creating dust are way less than that of traditional cat litters. However, if you are concerned about dust, maybe due to some allergy issues, you should go for a crystal cat litter that clearly states “low-dust” or “dust-free.”

A dust-free or low-dust crystal cat litter is much better for you and your cat.

Comfort and Softness on Paws

This is another very important factor you need to consider when looking for the best crystal cat litter. Cats are not comfortable with litters that are hard on their feet. They cannot tell you, but you may notice it as they may start reducing the time they spend in the box. To avoid this, you need to buy a crystal cat litter that is soft on paws, one that would not be hard on the feet of your little friend as they walk on it.


As a cat owner, you will want to provide your cat with the best place to do his or her business, and also want to reduce the stress of cleaning. That said you should go for crystal cat litter that is great in absorbing liquid and eliminating odors such the PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non-Clumping Cat Litter.

Crystal cat litters are very popular and they are the preferred choice of many cat owners because they get the job done. Crystal cat litter can also last for up to a month without changing it, provided you are cleaning and scooping out waste regularly. You can make your choice from our top pick or use our buying guide to settle for the one that best suits your budget and needs.

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