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Unlike dogs that can eat both meat and plant materials, cats’ bodies are tuned to be strict carnivores. While your little pet might be only seven pounds, he has a lot more in common with leopards and tigers than he does with dogs. If given his way, your pet cat would eat nothing apart from the animals that he can catch.

If your cat was living in the wild, he would almost solely rely on small prey such as birds and rodents. So, when selecting food for your feline, it should primarily be meat-based and low on carbs.

However, selecting the right food for your kitty can be challenging because of the large collections in the market.

To help you identify the perfect option for your purr friend, we reviewed the top options in the market. So, read our reviews of the best high protein cat food below.

This Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain Cat Food is our favorite and first choice. Prepared with high-quality proteins and carefully balanced with essential minerals, this food has all that your kitty needs.

The Best High Protein Cat Food Are…


1. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain Cat Food — Best High Protein Wet Cat Food

This Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain Cat Food is our favorite and takes the first position on our list. We found its formula unique because in addition to having high protein to supply the amino acids needed by your cat, it is also balanced with other nutrients for whole-body health. The chicken flavor is also awesome, and our cats loved it.

The protein in this food mainly comes from chicken, fish, and venison. The diverse sources of protein help to ensure that your little feline develops strong lean muscles and remains energized all day.

You will also like the balanced minerals and vitamins in this food that help to strengthen the cat’s immune system, making it easy to fight common diseases and other ailments.

You will agree with us that a healthy cat should have good eyesight and be sharp in mind. This food is prepared with loads of Taurine that help to promote brain cells development and strong eyesight. Additionally, the food is also rich in omega fatty acids that help to promote healthy skin.


  • Proteins: 10% (minimum)
  • Fat: 7.5% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 3% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 78% (maximum)


  • The food is prepared with meat from real animals
  • Balanced well with essential vitamins and minerals for whole-body health
  • Enriched with taurine and omega fatty acids
  • No food colors or preservatives


  • It contains Guar Gum


2. American Journey Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Food — Best High Protein Dry Cat Food

One of the most trusted cat food brands out there is American Journey, and their commitment to quality is evident in this Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Food.

The manufacturer wanted to create food that you can rely on to make your cat feel natural all day, and they did not disappoint. The food contains high-quality proteins and rocks a lovely flavor that most cats find hard to resist.

The food is formulated using duck as the primary ingredient to supply high-quality amino acids for lean muscle development. Other sources of protein in the food include menhaden fishmeal and chicken meal.

To keep your feline energized all day, the food is rich in calories, mainly drawn from chicken fat and flaxseed. So, if you have a very active or outdoor cat, this is one of the best foods to pick.

Another outstanding thing about this food is that it is rich in essential minerals and vitamins required by cats for strong immune systems. The minerals in the food are also carefully balanced, making it a great option to help prevent the development of urinary tract issues.


  • Proteins: 40% (maximum)
  • Fat: 15% (maximum)
  • Fiber: 4% (Minimum)
  • Moisture: 10% (Minimum)


  • Prepared using real animal meat from ducks
  • The food is high in calories derived from fat and quality flaxseed
  • Enriched with essential minerals and vitamins for whole-body health
  • Contains taurine and Omega fatty acids


  • Have some plant proteins


3. Wellness Natural’s Complete Health Kitten Formula

If you have a kitten at home, the best food to support its growth should be high in quality protein content, and this Wellness Natural’s Complete Health Kitten Formula fits that bill. The ingredients used to prepare the food are easy for little cat’s digestion, and whole-body health for fast development.

The food is formulated with chicken, chicken liver, and chicken broth as the primary ingredients for ample supply of all the amino acids that your cat needs.

To make the food more effective in promoting the development of your kitten, it also contains essential minerals, including calcium for healthy bone development and vitamins for a strong immune system.

Every cat owner wants an intelligent cat that can easily learn and remember commands. To help you with this, the food also contains Taurine and arachidonic acid (ARA) that promote the development of the cat’s brain cells.

Another outstanding ingredient in the food is Omega fatty acids that help to promote healthy skin development.


  • Protein: 11.0% (minimum)
  • Fat: 7.0% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 1% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 7% (maximum)


  • The food is prepared with high-quality proteins sourced from real chicken meat
  • Carefully balanced with minerals and vitamins for healthy cat development
  • Contains arachidonic acid (ARA) and taurine for healthy eye and brain development
  • Promotes healthy digestive system of your purr friend
  • Gluten free


  • Expensive


4. Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Recipe Cat Food

Coming next on the list is this Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb Recipe Cat Food, which we prefer calling a feast because of its outstanding formulation. Like other cat foods prepared by Ziwi, this one is made with high-protein content sourced from lamb and enriched with all ingredients that your cat needs for good health.

In addition to proteins, the food also supplies high quantities of calories, making it a great option for active cats or promoting weight gain.

The most notable thing about the food is that the protein is single-sourced from grass-fed lambs, meaning it is rich in amino acids that are needed for strong muscle development.

Also, the bulk of the calories are sourced from animal fat and proteins, implying you can raise the weight of your kitty without risking the danger of suffering from diabetes.

To keep your cat’s immune system strong, the food is enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. With the food’, you are sure that your cat will also develop strong bones, teeth, and skin. This is why many pet owners come back with good feedback about this food.


  • Proteins: 35% (minimum)
  • Fat: 33% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 2% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 14% (maximum)


  • Uses high-quality proteins sourced from grass-fed lambs
  • Free from GMO
  • Perfect for cats that are allergic to fish or chicken
  • Balanced well with high-quality minerals and vitamins
  • Contains no preservatives or food colors
  • Grain-free


  • Pricey


5. Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food

Do you have a picky kitten with a low appetite that could result in loss of weight and many other issues? It is time to step in and help by offering the cat a treat he cannot resist, such as this Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food.

The food is carefully formulated with all the ingredients that your felines needs, and rocks an irresistible flavor of chicken and eggs.

The food contains a minimum of 33% proteins, which we found sufficient for the healthy development of a cat. While most of the proteins are sourced from chicken and eggs, Iams also enriched them with sorghum and chicken by-products to help diversify amino acids.

Another notable thing, which you will like about this food, is that it is high in calories. Rocking up to 371 kcal/cup, it implies that your kitten will have all the energy it needs for active playing, learning and development.

Iams also enriched this food with loads of quality minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that help to promote whole-body health for your kitty. Particularly, we took notice of Taurine that helps to promote brain cells development, strong eyesight, and a healthy heart. 

This food is one of the best options to help your kitten gain healthy weight fast.


  • Proteins: 33% (minimum)
  • Fat: 21% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 3% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 10% (maximum)


  • Carefully formulated with quality proteins
  • Contains all essential minerals and vitamins for a healthy cat
  • Enriched with Taurine for strong eyesight and brain development
  • Suitable for both kittens and nursing cats


  • Contains chicken by-product


6. Stella & Chewy’s Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Freeze

If you want your kitty friend to feel good, loved, and enjoy every minute you spend with it, offer it meaty and easy to digest food. This is why Stella & Chewy’s Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Freeze was created.

It is a high-protein formulation prepared from chicken, chicken liver, and gizzard, which comes in a lovely flavor that your purr friend will love.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor purr friend, this food contains high calories, which are drawn from proteins and animal fat. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals that your cat needs for healthy bones, bone marrow development, and a strong immune system.

In addition to being a high-protein food, it is also loaded with healthy probiotics and fiber content that help to promote a healthy digestive system. This implies that your cat will easily digest and absorb most of the nutrients from the food you give him.


  • Proteins: 45% (minimum)
  • Fat: 25% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 5% (maximum)
  • Moisture 5% (maximum)


  • Prepared using real meat from cage-free chicken
  • The food is easy to digest and is recommended for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • A great option for cats with smelly poop
  • Enriched with vitamins and essential minerals for stronger immune system
  • No preservatives


  • Preparing the food takes sometime


7. Purina Muse Natural Grain-Free Filets Wet Cat Food

The last food to make our list is this Purina Muse Natural Grain-free Filets Wet Cat Food, a carefully formulated food that contains everything that you would want for a healthy kitty.

When Purina prepared this high-protein food, their goal was to help prevent most issues that cats face, such as stomach problems and urinary tract problems. This is why the food is a common recommendation by vets today. You will also like the food because it is low in carbs and does not have soy, wheat, or corn.

The main protein source in this food is chicken and fish, which help promote the development of lean muscles. Further, the food contains essential minerals and vitamins that help to promote a strong immune system.

Besides, it is enriched with Omega fatty acids and Taurine that promote healthy eyesight and fuller hair. Simply put, whether you have a senior cat that requires more minerals to strengthen its bones or you have a kitty with digestive issues, this food will not disappoint. 


  • Proteins: 12.5% (minimum)
  • Fat: 2% (minimum)
  • Fiber: 0.5% (maximum)
  • Moisture: 82% (maximum)


  • The food contains high-quality and easy to digest proteins
  • The protein is sourced from real chicken and fish meat
  • Carefully balanced with minerals for whole-body health
  • Contains no corn or soy
  • A lovely flavor


  • Contains guar gum
  • Some cats refuse to eat the food


Buying Guide

If you want your cat to be as healthy as possible, look at it from the viewpoint of a wild cat. So, whether you have a kitten or adult cat, a high-protein diet is all that it needs to stay healthy, remain strong, and happy.

In this guide, we will tell you how to pinpoint the perfect option for your kitty friend. So, here is what to check when selecting a high-protein food for your cat:

Proteins From Quality Sources

When we talk about high-protein cat food, we mean that it should be sourced from real animal meat. So, you should look for the food prepared using meat from chicken, beef, fish, duck, pork, lamb, and turkey, among other sources of high-quality amino acids.

If the food you select contains some plant proteins, the bulk of them should be from animal sources.

Note that even with high-quality proteins, taking one more step to check the origin of the meat sources can help to improve the food you serve your purr friend.

For example, you can insist on buying high-protein cat food sourced from animals such as cage-free chicken, grass-fed lamb, or sea fish.

High Calories

There is a general misconception that cats are lazy, spend most of their time sleeping, and should be given food low in calories. The truth is that cats are pretty active, taking most of their time playing, running, and learning new things.

Therefore, you should look for food that supplies the cat with ample calories to power its daily excursions plus growth and development needs.

The bulk of the calories should mainly be derived from animal fat and proteins as opposed to grain carbohydrates, which cats find difficult to digest. If the food contains some plant-based carbs, they should only be a small proportion.

Enrichment With Vitamins And Minerals

Like other animals such as leopards and dogs, cats are also prone to attacks by pathogens and suffering from different diseases. Therefore, look for the food that contains a balanced supply of essential vitamins for whole-body health.

For example, only go for the food enriched with vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E, which are very helpful in strengthening the cat’s immune system.

When it comes to minerals, the food should also contain them, but only in balanced quantities because excess can be dangerous to their bodies. Take the case of magnesium and phosphorous, which can cause urinary tract issues if taken in large quantities.

Therefore, only pick the food with enough minerals for healthy teeth & bones, blood vessels, bones, and heart muscles.

Other Useful Ingredients

If your cat is having some issues, such as gastrointestinal and urinary tract problems, it is important to check for food with additional enrichments.

Here are some common enrichments to look for:

  • Taurine for the healthy development of the cat’s eyes, heart and brain cells
  • Probiotics for a healthy gut
  • Omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin, fuller hair, and strong immune system

Because cats are used to getting moisture from the food they take, especially meat, you should consider using wet food to keep the feline properly hydrated.

However, most cats get bored with wet food pretty fast, and you should make sure to substitute it with dry food regularly.

Note that when you feed the cat with dry food, it is also crucial to provide sufficient drinking water to keep its body hydrated. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a cat, the surest way to good health is feeding it with a high-protein diet. These are carefully formulated kitty foods that are aimed at mimicking what it would get if it was in the wild.

The cat foods we have reviewed above have high-protein content from quality sources, such as fish, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and eggs. They are also prepared by top brands, and you can trust them for better health of your cat.

While all the seven high-protein cat food options we reviewed above are outstanding (we loved them, really loved them), the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain Cat Food was our favorite because of its balanced ingredients that make it ideal for whole-body health.

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