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Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter Reviews – Top Quick Clumping Solutions

Updated: May 11, 2021 by Kristen Chapple

I love my cats, but cat litter — not so much. And I absolutely hate stepping on it, lying down on it, and wearing it. Ugh!

Unfortunately, it seems like litter tracking all over the place is par for the course if you’re living with a cat, unless you’re super into constant sweeping, scooping, and vacuuming, which I am not.

I wish there was a cat litter that absorbs pee perfectly, clumps around them cat torpedoes, takes care of the smells, and does not stick to paws and track all over the place? It’s a tall order, but hey, wishes are free.

It seems that litter manufacturers have taken on this challenge, and we’ve got this roundup here of the best non-tracking cat litters. Let’s see how they hold up to my litter wish list, shall we?

The product that comes closest to my idea of the perfect cat litter is Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Cat Litter. Uniquely formulated with heavy granules and medium-grain clay to quickly absorb moisture and form hard clumps, it prevents wet messes and crumbling in the box which could track everywhere. This litter will stay dry and keep your house clean every time.

The Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters Are…

Product Details    
ARM & HAMMER MULTI-CAT CLUMP & SEAL PLATINUM CAT LITTER   Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
LUCY PET CATS INCREDIBLE CLUMPING CAT LITTER   Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
FRESH STEP CLEAN PAWS CLUMPING CAT LITTER   Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
FRESH NEWS CAT LITTER   Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon
FELINE PINE CAT LITTER   Check Price on ChewyCheck Price on Amazon

1. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Cat Litter


Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter is one of the best options for those that use mechanical or sifting litter box. This litter uses hypoallergenic ingredients that are 100 percent free from plant proteins and designed to clump to help keep the litter inside the box.

The litter does a great job of soaking up moisture. It is also 99 percent dust-free, making it less stressful to clean. If you are looking for litter that eliminates odors and stops litter in its tracks, then this is the product you need. This product comes with hard clumping, medium-grain clay that helps it to prevent moisture. The clay litter is uniquely formulated, and they also contain non-tracking granules.

This litter also has multi-cat strength, making it a great fit for homes with more than one cat. The non-tracking granules act pretty fast when clumping, and it does not stick to the feet of your pet for a better, non-tracking experience. Even with no added deodorants or perfumes, the litter is capable of stopping and controlling strong odors with ease. With Dr. Elsey’s Ultra cat litter, your cat or cats would keep their waste where it ought to be without tracking it around your home.


2. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula 

If you are looking for an efficient clumping non-tracking cat litter that won’t be detrimental to the environment, then the World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula is what you need. This litter is biodegradable, flushable, and organic. These traits make it the perfect addition to any eco-friendly home. One of the major unique selling points of this product is that it is people-, planet-, and most importantly, pet-friendly.

This product also has minimal to absolutely no dust when pouring it into the box or when in use. The dust-free nature of this product is really helpful for those with allergies. It is also made from whole-kernel corn, which goes a long way in soothing worries about toxicity issues found in several other litters that contain beet pulp, wheatgrass, oat hulls, etc.

This product is also great at clumping on contact, making it very easy to clean and scoop. It also comes with an outstanding odor control feature that stops noxious smells from filling the air. This litter is also septic-safe, which means it is flushable. You can use it with flushable litter boxes.

This product is a bit more expensive than other litters in the market, but is well worth it, as it is not only non-tracking but also boasts a zero-tolerance on dust, which means your home and the surrounding area of the litter box would always be dust-free. With this fast-acting natural litter, you no longer have to worry about scraping and chiseling litter off the bottom of the litterbox anymore.


3. Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter

If you have a few cats at home, then the Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is one of the best options for you because it comes in a 40-pound sack that would supply your multiple-cat home for a while. The bag of plant-based litter granules also boasts of a seven-day odor-free seal.

And because it is 100 percent dust-free, it wouldn’t raise any allergen dust clouds whenever your cat uses it or when you pour it into the litter box. The granules are moisture-activated, fast-acting, and micro-clumping, which makes them seal tightly around the cat mess. This feature helps it to create a hard clump for easy scooping and cleaning. With this litter, you can say goodbye to shifting and searching deep into the litter box for the waste. It really does a great clumping job and prevents tracking quite well.

Arm & Hammer is a very popular brand that is known for making baking soda. This particular litter from the company features their world-renowned baking soda as an odor neutralizer that prevents sharp smells from emanating from the litter for up to a week. In terms of quality and quantity, this product is made to serve multi-cat homes. It also lasts for several months.


4. Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Clumping Cat Litter

The Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Clumping Cat Litter is another great cat litter. This product is approved by veterinarians as a top-notch non-tracking cat litter. This product is made with premium sodium bentonite clumping clay that is naturally harvested in the United States. The fine particles act quickly when it comes to clumping to the waste of your pet. Interestingly, the particles would never stick to the paws of your cat. This means your cat’s little piggies would always remain clean, ensuring that your home also stays clean.

This product is 99 percent dust-free, making it less of an allergen trigger for you as well as your pet. You do not have to worry about dust in and around your litter box when pouring the litter or when your pet uses it. when it comes to handling odor, this product is also outstanding.

The Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Clumping Cat Litter is made with an ammonia blocking additive that is called the Smell Squasher. The Smell Squasher completely eliminates the odor and buildup of ammonia that naturally emanates from the waste of a cat. Not only will your pet benefit from having a fast-acting clump litter, you would also not have to see or smell the waste.

The litter also lasts longer, and it would take a while before it would require changing. Another great benefit of this litter is that it is recyclable and non-pollutant. The natural and safe ingredients of this litter make it suitable for all types of cats and homes.


5. Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Are you looking for the best non-tracking cat litter that your cat would love? Then you should consider the Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter. This firm only uses high quality, all-natural premium clay. It does not add any dyes, fragrances, or chemicals. This product is also cat-friendly, as it is made with soft and fine granules that are easy on the paws of your cat. It also does a great job of being resistant to tracking outside of the litter box.

In addition to being one of the best non-tracking cat litters, this product is 99 percent dust-free to avoid triggering allergic reactions — no sniffles and no sneezing for you! It also means that your air and home would not be contaminated with dust whenever your cat uses the litter box. With this litter, scooping is made easier, as it clumps your cat’s waste quickly and hardly. You do not need to go through the hassle of searching for the mess, as it would just be right on top of the litter.

It also features a natural and safe probiotic odor control that stops bad smells before they start. With this feature, you might not even remember that you have a litter box right in your room. It also boasts of lasting two times longer than many cat litters out there. It practically feels like new after several cleanings. This product is also ideal for multiple cats, as well as cats on a high protein diet. Veterinarians also recommend it.


6. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Refills

The Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Refills is in the market to completely prevent your little felines from having litter sticking into their paws. The pellets of this litter are made with an anti-tracking formula that keeps cat waste from scattering all over the house. This litter guarantees the lowest tracking as it dehydrates the solid waste of your cat. This product can also keep any moist debris from sticking into the paws of your furry felines.

With this product, you do not have to worry about cleaning extra dust from litter pellets, as it is also 99.99 percent dust-free. It does not contain clay or silica dust. This means that you and your little friend would be safe from allergic reactions that are triggered by dust. This low-tracking cat litter comprises silica gel, zeolite, and a moisture-repellent polymer coating. Cats find this litter very comforting, thanks to its anti-moisture feature.

This product also comes with a technology that separates liquid from solids for outstanding odor control. The pellets let liquid waste to go through the absorbent pad for odor control. This feature leaves your litter box with a fresh smell for up to a week. This litter also makes it very easy to scoop, as it keeps the solid waste on top pellets. The drawback of this unit is that it is non-biodegradable. This means you cannot compost it. As a result of this, you cannot flush this litter into the toilet.


7. Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter

If your cat naturally likes the type of litter that has larger particles, then what you need is the Fresh Step Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter. Its particles are large and come in a shape that cats love. This product stays off the paws of your cat and keeps the floors of your home clean, as it is a low-tracking litter. 

One of the most outstanding features of this litter is its clumping mechanism. The clumping mechanism of this litter is known as ClumpLock technology. This litter absorbs the liquid waste of your pet and then forms tight clumps; this helps to prevent stinky crumbles. This product also comes with outstanding stink prevention. The Fresh Step Clean Paws formula boasts of a 10-day odor control feature.

It’s also a low-dust formula to ensure your air and surfaces are clean. This particular property of this litter makes it suitable for all types of cats and homes, as you and your pet would be free from allergies triggered by dust. The hassle of cleaning up is also minimized.


8. Fresh News Cat Litter

If you conscious of the way your lifestyle impacts the environment and looking for an eco-friendly option, then this is one of the best non-track cat litter for you. The Fresh News Post Consumer Paper Pellet Cat Litter has been the number one choice of many pet owners because of its quality and affordability. This paper cat litter will not leave dust in your home, as it is 99.99 dust-free. This is a very important feature because it saves you the hassle of doing follow-up cleanups in your home whenever you pour the litter or when your cat uses the litter box. You also do not have to worry about getting allergic reactions triggered by dust.

This litter also boasts of soft natural litter pellets that retain their form. This is an outstanding feature, as it prevents the pellets from squishing easily. The natural pellets also do a great job of preventing tracking around your home. This litter uses baking soda to neutralize litter tray odors and keep your furry felines from freaking out at the unpleasant smell that emanates from their own waste. 

In addition to being of the best low-tracking cat litter, this product is made from 100 percent recycled paperThe composition of this litter makes it eco-friendly, biodegradable, and flushable. This also makes it non-toxic and non-allergenic, which is very good for the health and well-being of your cat. This litter also comes in a resealable bag that keeps the pellets for a long time. It also makes scooping very easy and hassle-free.


9. Feline Pine Cat Litter

The Feline Pine Cat Litter is one of the best biodegradable, non-tracking cat litter in the market. Feline Pine Cat Litter is a plant-based and biodegradable litter that is more lightweight compared to heavy clay litter. This lower-tracking litter is more scatter-immune because of its quality. It’s made from compressed pine fibers, which greatly contributes to its low tracking feature.

Provided you maintain it regularly, tracking should never be an issue. The pellets absorb the liquid from your cat’s waste. After absorbing, they break down and return to sawdust. However, you need to sift out this sawdust in order to prevent some sort of scattering and tracking. It is also very good at neutralizing bad smells as well. It boasts of a fascinating odor control technology that keeps your home fresh and free from bad smells from cat waste.

This product also saves you the stress of endless cleanups, as it is 100 percent dust-free. With this litter, you do not have to worry about dust in and around the litter box. It is also safe for the health and overall well-being of your pet. It does not come with any harsh chemicals. It is just natural pine with the added benefits of banking soda. It is less than half the weight of clay litter, making it the perfect litter for pet owners that find it hard to bend or pregnant women. It is highly absorbent, leaving the litter box of your cat fresh and dry always.


How to Pick the Best Low-Tracking Cat Litter

Choosing the right litter for the litter box of your feline is very important. However, there are certain things you need to consider if you want to settle for the best. Below are some of the things you should consider:

Litter That Does Not Stick to Cat’s Paws

This is non-negotiable. You need to make sure you settle for litter that does not stick to the paws of your furry pet in order to avoid tracking around the house. An efficient non-tracking litter would do the job. There are many litters in the market, all boasting to be the lowest-tracking litter. However, some seem to do the job better than others do. So check and make sure that the litter you are settling for does not stick to the paws of your furry feline.

Odor Control

This is another important factor you need to consider when looking for the best non-tracking cat litter. Even cats do not like a dirty and smelly box. Cats have a much more powerful sense of smell than humans, and can sniff odors that you cannot. So when you are looking for the best low-tracking cat litter, you need to make sure it has a great odor control and it absorbs odors quickly and naturally.


You also want to stay away from dusty, powdery litter. Dusty litter can whip itself into a cloud of dust when you are pouring it into the litter box or when your cat paws at it after doing their business. That’s not good for your health and that of your cat, as it could trigger some allergies as you risk inhaling those particles. And that dust they could also end up settling and blanketing your floor, furniture, and other surfaces, which leads to tedious cleanup. 

Clumping Litter

If you want to completely avoid tracking, then you should go with litter with powerful clumping action. Clumping litter forms huge clumps whenever the cat uses it, making it easier to scoop up the waste.


If you are looking for a way to prevent tracking and minimize the cleaning you have to do in your home, then your goal should be to settle for the best non-tracking cat litter. It should allow for quick clumping to prevent moisture from settling at the bottom of the litter box and mixing with the clean litter. The litter should have minimal dust and efficient clumping so that it forms solid lumps that are easy to clean up.

Hopefully, the reviews and the buying guide in this article can help you to decide which litter is best for your cat. However, if you’re still undecided, we can tip the scales and recommend Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Cat Litter. This premium cat litter utilizes a mix of special heavy granules with medium-grain clay to form hard clumps and to keep the litter dry to prevent tracking. It has minimal dust and superior odor control to keep your house clean and smelling fresh all the time.

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