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Can Cats Eat Applesauce?

Updated: August 9, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

When our children refuse to eat fruit, we often resort to tricks and offer them some fruit products like applesauce. With a little bit of distraction, I always manage to fool my little ones and make them eat what I consider to be healthy food. Fooling my cats about anything is a whole different story. But, how to fool your cat isn’t the question of the day. Our question is can cats eat applesauce?

Cats can run, jump, flip and bounce with undeniable grace and skill. They can snuggle, cuddle, and be as loveable as possible. But, they also have a ‘mind your own business’ mode. Altogether, they are irresistible and we love them unconditionally. While they share so many character traits with us, when it comes to food, sharing isn’t caring. Cat food isn’t the best choice for us. It isn’t very tasty (trust me on this), and it doesn’t meet our nutritional needs. It is even worse the other way around. Some of our food can be toxic to cats, while most of it isn’t very beneficial for your Fluffy. The list of food that you should share with your feline companion is pretty short. And applesauce is not on it. 

Cats and Applesauce

Applesauce is not good food for cats, but it’s not necessarily harmful. First of all, cats are not fruit lovers. Even if they like some fruit, they don’t really need it. From a nutritional point of view, cats need food with high meat content. Their stomach is designed to extract all valuable minerals and vitamins from animal sources. Cat’s digestive system isn’t nearly as efficient when it has to deal with plants.

When it comes to applesauce it means it is pretty much useless for cats. Applesauce is rich in fiber. That is good news for humans, but not so much for cats. Cats need minuscule quantities of fibers. So, applesauce can’t be a source of anything valuable for cats. If it’s just for the taste, I have to disappoint you again. Cats don’t have a sweet tooth. They can’t taste sweet and if they like anything sweet it is not for its taste. It might be the smell or texture, or just curiosity. So if your cat loves marshmallows, it’s probably because of their pillowy softness.

Furthermore, applesauce from the grocery store is full of sugar, preservatives, and chemicals. Sugar isn’t good for cats, while preservatives and pesticide residues can be dangerous for your cat. So, don’t feed your Fluffy artificial applesauce. 

Apples, in general, are not the best choice of fruit for your cat. Apples are listed on the ASPCA list of toxic plants for cats. Stems, leaves, and seeds contain cyanide that can poison your cat. But, if you avoid these parts, the fruit itself isn’t harmful, and your cat can eat small quantities of fresh apples every once in a while.

kitten wondering if can cats eat applesauce

Safe Way to Serve Applesauce to Your Cat

While it is not recommendable to feed your Fluffy applesauce if you really insist or your cat likes it, there is a safe way. First of all, make it at home with organic apples if possible. This way you will avoid artificial and potentially harmful ingredients. It is also very important to serve very small portions and not on a regular basis. It is the same rule as with most of the plant-based food. Small quantities are okay, while larger portions will probably cause some discomfort. Keep in mind that cats don’t really need it, so don’t look at it as food. It can be an occasional homemade treat. As for regular food, stick to high-protein formulas and your Fluffy will thrive.

Final Thoughts

I can totally relate to desire to share your treats or any other food with your meowing, enchanting companions. But, you have to be smart and resist their cuteness sometimes. After all, cats behave in this manner, don’t they? Your goal is to provide what’s best for your cat and not to indulge every single desire of your kitty. 

So, applesauce is not a valuable source of food for your cat. If you and your cat really like it, make it at home and do it rarely. You will be able to enjoy it together, while your cat will be safe.

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