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Can Cats Eat Kale?

Updated: August 9, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

Kale has become wildly popular in recent years. It is dubbed “the superfood” because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. While there is no doubt that kale benefits our health, is it good for our furry companions? Can cats eat kale? Is it healthy or possibly harmful to them? As for most of the veggies, there is no straightforward answer.

Even though they have a reputation of being finicky, we have all seen our cats chewing on most peculiar foods. If they can chew on rosemary, or parsley or just grass from your garden kale must be safe and good for them, right? After all, it is called super food for plenty of nutrients and some of them should be beneficial to our cats as well. The truth is that you should never make such an assumption. Human food can be harmful and even toxic for your cat.

So, before you share any of your food with your Fluffy, check out if it was allowed for cats or not.

Kale Is Not Great for Cats

You are what you eat. It is a pretty popular concept, nowadays. While no one with common sense can argue that a healthy diet is beneficial, we tend to categorize food as either great or terrible. Everything is black or white. Superfood will make you super smart, super strong and immune to everything. While missing out on these will ruin your health for good. The truth is somewhat different, though. The nutrition is just a part of the health equation. And health benefits or risks of certain food are probably overstated. Especially when it comes to cats and veggies.

There are bitter arguments in the cat’s world about the benefits or risks of veggies in a feline diet. But, the truth is simple: most veggies are neither great nor awful for cats. Cats get all of the necessary nutrients out of meat products. They can’t use most of the vitamins from veggies. So, veggies can be just a small addition to your cat’s diet. And all of the arguments are about very small benefits or lack of them.

All of the above goes for Kale as it is a veggie. However, some vets think that big amounts of kale can damage red blood cells in cats. It is ongoing research, there are no proves so far, but better safe than sorry. Anyhow, kale is neither listed on ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) toxic plants nor non-toxic plants list.

Kale Is Not Bad for Cats

I’ve told you already: it is not black or white. While kale is by no means super food for cats, it is not dangerous either. But, as for the most non-toxic veggies, there are recommendations to follow. All allowed veggies, kale included, should be a very small part of cat’s diet. Occasional few slices of Kale won’t harm your Fluffy in any way. Even the aforementioned possible anemia can’t occur if your cat eats a little bit of kale.

And there are some benefits. House cats are usually not as active as their street counterparts. Therefore, they are prone to obesity. Kale is rich in fiber, fat-free and calorie low. A small addition of kale or other veggies can balance your cat’s calorie intake. Just make sure that your cat gets necessary nutrients from meat as well. Kale is rich in antioxidants, too. It is another subject of ongoing debate, and we don’t know for sure if it is helpful. Anyway, they won’t hurt.

Final Word

Providing a healthy diet for your cat is not rocket science. Actually, it could be, but often it is good to keep things simple. Kale will make neither you nor your cat invulnerable. While it is healthy for you, cats don’t need it. But, if your cat likes it, don’t hesitate to give her a little bit of kale. It is neither healthy nor harmful as long as your cat gets small amounts. It can be a nice snack to change the daily routines from time to time.

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