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Can Cats Eat Pancakes

Updated: August 11, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

Have you ever seen a cat eating a pancake? It is a funny and adorable sight. But, is it good and healthy for your cat? Can cats eat pancakes -it is a question that I’ve heard on numerous occasions. Obviously, they can, but should they? And is it safe for the cat?

People love pancakes all over the globe. Cat lovers love to share with their furry companions. So, when your house smells like pancakes it would feel cruel to treat yourself but not your cat. However, things are not always what they seem.

Ascribing human features to our pets is a very common mistake. Sometimes it can lead to serious trouble. To do the best thing for your cat, you need to see the world through her eyes. And with a little help from scientific facts, you will get it right.

Cats Don’t Need Milk

So, let’s check the facts. Pancakes are made of flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, and butter. Maple syrup and all kinds of toppings are optional. It is simple and delicious for humans. Your cat might like it, too. But, it is not good for the cat.

Milk and butter are dairy products. They contain lactose and some cats can’t digest it. Am I saying that cats shouldn’t drink milk? You bet I am. Contrary to a widespread depiction of cats as milk lovers, cats are no different from other mammals, regarding milk. Newborn cats produce an enzyme that allows them to drink mother’s milk. When kittens wean, the production of this enzyme lowers to some degree. This results in a decreased ability to digest lactose from milk. It is common for all mammals.

What Can Go Wrong

So, cats are born to drink milk, but only for the first 4 to 6 weeks of their life. After that, it can cause problems. However, the production of the enzyme that breaks lactose doesn’t stop completely. The levels are individual. As a result, some cats can drink milk and feel just fine. Others will show signs of lactose intolerance. Upset stomach, bloating, gas and runny and watery poo, all point to lactose intolerance.

Despite all, eating pancakes is not dangerous for your cat. Some cats can tolerate milk, but more of them can’t. Cats with lactose intolerance won’t endure any permanent damage. It is just a temporary nuisance that will go away. A very small piece of pancake won’t hurt your cat. It takes more lactose to cause problems. But, your cat will not benefit in any way from it.

If It’s Bad Why Cats Like Milk

Cats like milk for two reasons. They use to drink it as kittens. So, it is the first taste they felt. The other reason is that milk contains some protein and fat. And cats love both.


Cats are obligate carnivores. These fancy words mean that your cat must eat a lot of meat. Well, not really a lot, but it has to be a major portion of your cat’s diet. Their stomach evolved to take all necessary nutrients from meat. Their system can’t take the nutrients out of the veggies and fruits. Not to mention sweets and snacks.

The bottom line is clear: There is no good reason to feed your cat with pancakes. There are a couple of reasons not to. Eventually, it is your choice. Like I said, if your cat really loves pancakes, a small piece won’t hurt her. Or, you can use lactose-free milk. But, the only good pancake for your cat is a meat pancake. If there was such a thing.

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