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Can Cats Have a Pregnancy Test?

Updated: August 10, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

can cats have a pregnancy test

This might seem like a weird question to ask at first but many of you might wonder can cats have a pregnancy test or not. Since they are available at any drug store, in many supermarkets and are so easy to use it is normal to wonder if you can apply this to see if your cat is pregnant or not.

To make things easy we will say that the hormones cats have are very different from the ones human beings do and they aren’t going to be compatible for the test. You can apply the test but the results will be far from accurate and thus it will be a waste of time, effort and money.

We don’t know of any equivalent test designed for cats and thus the only option to know for sure is to make a veterinarian appointment and have him tell you the answer. As with humans though, there are some telltale signs that you can notice if your cat is indeed pregnant.

Cats are usually very private and won’t want to show their weakened state but you can notice that her nipples will become pink as a preparation for the nursing that she will have to do for the kittens and her behavior should change as well to sleep more than usual and be more quiet than she normally is.

Special Needs of Pregnant Cats

Once you find out that your cat is really pregnant there are some things that she will need before she gives birth such as some extra comfort maybe and for you to make sure that no stress comes to her. The birth process of cats is quite different from that of human beings and you won’t need to take her to a doctor when the time comes. The kittens come to light easily and you should allow them some time to get used to the world before finally taking them to the vet to check that everything is in order.


If you don’t have room for more kittens, don’t know anyone who would want some and you are certain that your cat is not pregnant then spaying (or neutering as it is also known) might be a better option than having to deal with more cats than you’d like.

Your vet should tell you all you need to know about the subject and even if it might seem like a cruel procedure it is a better option than thinking about the cats ending up in an animal shelter and being euthanized there, a thing that happens to around eight million animals a year in America alone.

Short Answer:

No, they won’t give you a proper answer and there aren’t equivalents for cats so you have to check with a veterinarian to know for sure.

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