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17 Cool Halloween Costumes for Cats

Updated: March 17, 2021 by Kristen Chapple

As you prepare for Halloween with decorations and costumes, don’t forget about your cute kitty. She can rock the party with a new outfit.

There are lots of places that sell cat costumes and pet outfits, but if you are stranded this review post is for you.

We did detailed research on your behalf. We came across so many products, and after hours of shopping, we managed to select 17 cool Halloween costumes for cats. Our selection process was mainly based on size, style, and material. All the following products are perfect for impressing trick-or-treaters.

Our Top 17 Costume Ideas

#1 Mermaid


The shimmery Mermaid Costume by Frisco is the perfect outfit for your kitty during your next Halloween festivity.

The most impressive feature is the adjustable wig complemented by the sparkly tail and shiny seashells.

It comes with loop and hook fasteners that allow you to properly secure the costume on your cat’s body. Also, it is available in different sizes to fit different kitties.


#2 Wonder Cat


Do you want your brave kitty to be unbeatable during the Halloween? Buy Rubie’s Company Wonder Costume. It is an officially licensed outfit for DC Comics.

The costume includes a glossy red dress with a golden belt and a blue skirt. There is a cute WW logo patch on the red top.

Another amazing feature is the gold metallic tiara, featuring a red star symbol to complete the regal look. It’s the ideal choice for a Wonder Woman fiesta.


#3 Squad Ghouls Bandana


The Frisco Squad Ghouls uses rich purple and white colors to make the perfect Halloween bandana for your kitty.

This piece is made of breathable and comfortable to wear fabric. This bandana is available in two sizes to fit both large and small cats.

It is super easy to put on, just roll it around your kitty’s neck and tie a knot. Make sure it fits snugly to maintain comfort.


#4 Skunk Costume


The Frisco Skunk is the ideal costume for cats that like to dress up on Halloween. It fits snugly and boasts the softest, smoothest material.

The skunk features a bright, fuzzy white stripe that spreads back onto the tail for a majestic look. You also have two skunk ears on the hood.

It comes with fuzzy fastener straps on the belly and neck for easy put on. Also, the hood is held securely by a built-in elastic trim.


#5 Devil


There is no better way of showing off your kitty’s wickedly look on Halloween than wearing this Devil Costume.

It is a two-piece design, including two metallic fabric wings and an adjustable horned headpiece. The two pieces complete an adorable devilishly look.

The metallic fabric wings have a polyester filling for a plush look. They are also equipped with adjustable arm straps for a secure fit.


#6 Sombrero Hat


This adorable Frisco Sombrero hat is perfect for Halloween. It features a vibrant trim of colors that give your kitty a majestic look in the fiesta.

It has an adjustable chin strap, which helps to snugly secure the hat on your cat’s head. It does not interfere with collar and leash use.

You can use this hat as a Halloween costume on its own or use it to complement a devilish costume.


#7 Glow in the Dark Bones Hoodie Costume


What a better way for your cat to rock in the dark in Halloween than wearing the Frisco Glow in the Dark Bones Hoodie Costume.

It is a two-piece kitty outfit that is made up of a 100 percent cotton jumper bodysuit accompanied by a matching hood.

The soft fabric features clever cutouts for effortless potty breaks. The shining bones will bring smiles, laughs, and spooks to a Halloween party.


#8 Vampire Cape


The Frisco Vampire Cape is perfectly suitable for your kitty to wear during Halloween. The vampire cape will give your kitty a vampire look.

The outfit is made of high-quality, soft material that is very comfortable for your cat. The black tone and red trim will make your pet stand out at any party.

The cape is properly secured in place with the fuzzy fastener band, making it a good fit for cats of different sizes.


#9 Kittysaurus


Transform your quiet kitty into a prehistoric creature with this dinosaur costume from California Costume. It’s perfect for Halloween dress-up, pet parades or photo-shoots.

This great stegosaurus costume is made of a distinctive body and a detailed headpiece. The body features unique back spikes and a multicolor scale pattern.

Putting it on and taking it off your cat is a breeze. You get to snugly secure it with the fuzzy fastener closures.


#10 Unicorn 


Do you want your cat to make an enchanting addition to your next Halloween Fiesta? Get the Frisco Unicorn Cat Costume.

This mythical animal costume will appease your kitty with its soft, comfy material. The sparkly horn and rainbow mane & tail complete the magical look.

It is an easy-to-wear costume that will only take a few moments to put on. Then you can safely secure it with the loop and hook fasteners.


#11 Boo Cat PJs


Give your cat a unique look with the Frisco Halloween Boo PJs. The PJs feature a stretchy material for superior comfort.

The costume is adorably made, featuring a faux accent flap with a pretty ghost illustration and buttons. The PJs are perfect for impressing trick-or-treaters.

The costume is cozy for nuzzling and remarkably stylish for outdoors. Also, it is super easy to put on and take off.


#12 Taco


Do you want your cat to serve tacos in the Halloween season? Get the Frisco Taco Dog and Cat Costume.

It is a one-piece outfit with unique and deliciously adorable taco details, such as tomatoes, meat, cheese, lettuce, and shell.

This outfit is very easy to put on. The belly and neck straps along with the loop and hook fasteners allow you to properly secure it in place.


#13 Pumpkin


What an adorable way of transforming your cat’s looks during Halloween than using the Frisco Pumpkin Costume.

It is a two-piece design that is made up of a pumpkin cap, a sequined green leaf collar, faux carved back, and a stuffed pumpkin body.

It is made of high-quality material that is very comfortable. It fits cozily and the cap is suitably secured in place with an adjustable toggle.


#14 Cow


Do you want a farm-to-fashion look for your kitty? Get the Frisco Udderly Cow Costume. It has an inbuilt leash hole for quick on the go departures.

This Udderly costume is so adorable. It comes complete with cow horns, ears and teats. The black, and white artworks on the body give a unique appearance.

The correct size will fit easily and cozily. You also have loop and hook fasteners for securing it in place around the neck and belly.


#15 Fairy Wings


Do you want your furry friend to have magical wings in the this Halloween season? Buy the Rubie’s Costume Company Rainbow Fairy Wings.

These pixy wings are very vibrant with green, yellow, orange and pink colors. They are also accented with glistens for superior magical touch.

The pixy wings are super easy to put on and they are available in a variety of sizes to fit all your kitties.


#16 Lion


The Frisco Lion Mane provides premiere quality for your cat’s cosplay needs. This costume easily transforms your kitten into the jungle king.

This product has a sure grip, which is great because you will not have to worry about the costume slipping off your furry friend.

Another great feature is the combination of faux far and plush ears, which provide a grand look to impress any pride or pack.


#17 Prison Inmate


With the Frisco Prisoner costume, you will transform your kitty into the prettiest jail-pet in your area. It has pretty zebra colors.

What makes this costume great is its two-piece design, which is made up of a pull-over style shirt and a prisoner’s hat with an adjustable strap on the chin.

The lightweight polyester fabric is very comfortable. You also have ear loops on the hat for additional comfort.


Measure Your Cat for Apparel


Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Mermaid Costume. It is so cute on a female kitty and it is available in extra-small sizes for smaller cats.

It is also extra squishy. This mermaid costume is sure to delight even the crabbiest of kitties, and it is so easy to put on and off.

According to our research, most outfits are sold as dog & cat costumes. So, you will want to get the size right to avoid buying large size costumes for your small furry friend.

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