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Crave Cat Food Reviews – Top Picks For Wet Food And Dry Food

Updated: October 13, 2020 by Kristen Chapple

Cats need a lot of protein in their diets, which some cat food brands tend to skimp on in their products. There are often a lot of low-quality and undesirable ingredients in cat food. Fillers like soy and corn are typically used to save money in manufacturing costs and these aren’t that healthy or needed in your feline friend’s diet. Due to this, it can be hard to find a quality wet or dry cat food for your furry friend that meets their nutritional needs.

Crave believes that both dogs and cats require high protein diets just like their ancestors in the wild. Crave’s wet and dry cat food supports your feline’s immune and digestive system, as well as their muscles, joints, and overall health.

There are a lot of choices and flavors to pick from in Crave’s wet and dry cat food lines, such as pates and gravy-based meals. They also make food for kittens, seniors, and indoor cats! Whether you’re a wet food advocate or dry food lover, you can find a food that works for you and your companion no matter their age or needs.

If you’re a bit strapped for time and are looking a quickie Crave Dry Cat Food review, then let me say that the Salmon & Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food is a fantastic choice. And to summarize my Crave Wet Cat Food reviews,Salmon Pate is my top pick. These two both make for great kitty chow.

Both of these foods are high in protein (40%), grain-free, and contain real meat as the first ingredient. They’re packed full of extra vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy and strong. Crave also doesn’t use soy, corn, wheat, by-product meal, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in any of their products, which means their food is much more nutritious than brands that do use these ingredients.

However, this dry food and wet food is targeted at standard adult kitties, so if you own a kitten or indoor cat, then there are three other choices below by Crave that might better suit your companion’s needs.

Crave Cat Food Reviews

Crave Grain-Free High Protein Salmon & Ocean Fish Adult Dry 

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Crave Grain-Free Adult High Protein Pate

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Crave Grain-Free High Protein Chicken Kitten Dry 

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Crave Chicken & Turkey Cuts in Gravy Grain-Free Adult Wet

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Crave Grain-Free High Protein Salmon & Chicken Dry For Indoor Cats

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1. Crave Grain-Free High Protein Salmon & Ocean Fish Adult, Dry

Most cats love fish, whether it’s eating them or watching them for hours on end in an aquarium or pond! This salmon and ocean fish dry cat food from Crave is full of fishy goodness and ideal for adult cats. It’s grain-free and contains real salmon as the first ingredient.

Containing over 40% protein, this dry food has all the necessary nutrients to keep your feline friend healthy, happy, and full of energy. Crave don’t use soy, wheat, corn, or chicken by-product meal in any of their dry or wet cat foods. This means your cat will be getting a nutritious and well-balanced meal. Crave cooks and makes their dry and wet cat food in the USA.

A couple of downsides with this dry cat food are the size of the kibble pieces and its pungent odor. The size of the kibble pieces are quite large, which could make chewing them more difficult for some cats, especially if they are of a smaller build.

The scent of the dry food is also very fishy and strong-smelling (not surprising as it is salmon and ocean fish!), which could be off-putting for some owners. However, this is a small gripe for what seems to an otherwise great dry cat food.


  • No soy, wheat, or corn
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Made in USA


  • Large kibble size
  • Fishy smell

2. Crave Grain-Free High Protein Salmon Pate

The Crave Salmon Pate wet food trays are healthy and nutritious meals for your furry friend. This wet food can be used as a complete meal or topper that you can add to your cat’s normal dry food. These pate-based wet foods are a great way to mix up your cat’s diet.

Crave’s wet cat food is high in protein from real animals and completely grain-free. Salmon is listed as the first ingredient, and extra minerals and vitamins have been added to make sure your cat is getting all the necessary nutrients. This wet food contains no by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

However, the texture of the chicken pate from Crave is quite gelatinous, which some cats might not be too keen on. Additionally, it could take certain cats a while before they warm to the wet food. This could be due to its jelly-like texture and consistency.

Want to see more pate options? We have reviews of Sheba, Friskies, and Purina Beyond’s pate cat food.


  • No byproducts
  • Grain-free


  • Gelatinous texture

3. Crave Grain-Free High Protein Chicken Kitten, Dry

Owning a kitten can be a fun but tiresome experience, especially when your new furry friend is full of energy and mischief! Crave has formulated a dry food for kittens, so mealtimes don’t have to be stressful. This dry cat food is great for kittens up to 12 months.

It contains 41% protein to make sure your kitten has all the necessary nutrients to develop into a big cat! Real chicken is the first ingredient. No grain, wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and chicken by-product meal is used in this dry cat food from Crave. This means your young cat will have more energy (and playfulness!), as well as stronger muscles, and a healthier immune system.

One negative with the chicken kitten dry food from Crave is its flavor. Some kittens might take some time to get used to it, which could mean the taste isn’t as appetizing as other flavors. Properly transitioning your kitten to their new food by making sure you mix in their old food could help with this.


  • 41% protein
  • Promotes healthy muscles and immune system


  • Taste may be unappetizing

4. Crave Chicken & Turkey Cuts in Gravy Grain-Free Adult, Wet

This Crave Cuts in Gravy wet cat food comes in a variety pack that contains the chicken and turkey recipes. For cats who love poultry flavors, this wet cat food is perfect, as it adds variety and diversity to your feline’s diet. The wet food is high in protein to aid with your cat’s digestion and boosts their immune system.

It also helps strengthens your cat’s muscles and gives them more energy. The ingredients contain real meat, as well as no wheat, corn, soy, animal by-product meal, or artificial flavors, or preservatives.

If your cat is a picky eater and isn’t fond of wet food, then they may not get on with Crave’s Cuts in Gravy wet cat food. Some cats could only eat the gravy and leave behind the meaty chunks. This might indicate a lack of flavor or undesirable texture in these meat pieces.


  • Adds variety
  • Aids digestion


  • May not be for picky eaters

5. Crave Grain-Free High Protein Chicken & Salmon, Dry For Indoor Cats

The diet of an indoor cat is slightly different to an outdoor cat. Most indoor cats are less active than outdoor felines, putting them at an increased risk of weight gain and other health issues. It is important your indoor cat consumes quality dry or wet cat food targeted specifically for them and their needs to prevent potential problems.

This chicken and salmon dry flavored cat food by Crave is made with your indoor cat in mind. It’s full of nutrients to keep your cat healthy, strong, and fit. In addition to containing 40% protein, real chicken is listed as the first ingredient.

No soy, wheat, corn, or chicken by-product meal is used. The high-quality ingredients in this dry cat food from Crave makes sure your furry friend’s immune and digestive systems are in top condition.

However, the kibble pieces in the indoor dry cat food from Crave are fairly large. This could make it particularly hard for smaller and older cats to chew. Additionally, some cats take a while to get used to this dry cat food. It appears to be a less liked flavor than other variants.


  • 40% protein
  • Made from real chicken


  • Large kibble
  • Not so well-liked flavor


Does Crave Make Good Cat Food?

Crave has only been around for a couple of years, so they are a fairly new brand that you might be unfamiliar with. They are owned by Mars Petcare and their headquarters are in Virginia. All products by Crave are manufactured and made in the USA.

Crave makes wet and dry food for both cats and dogs. They sound like any other pet food brand, but there are two great differences! Their products are high in protein from real meat and are completely grain-free. Cat food that contains grain can cause stomach upsets, skin allergies, and respiratory problems. Cats are carnivores and don’t need gluten or grains in their diets, so it’s not uncommon for these sort of health issues to occur when gluten or grain is consumed. Click here to view our fave grain-free options.

Crave uses 40% protein in all of their adult dry and wet cat food products. This amount of protein is high enough to keep your cat fit and healthy. They use real meat (which is always the first ingredient!) and never use soy, corn, wheat, and animal by-products in their cat foods. This means your cat’s health is always the focal point and never jeopardized with low-quality and unnecessary ingredients.

If you were wondering about recalls, then you’ll be pleased to know that Crave has had zero! This proves that the brand is trustworthy, reputable, and makes high-quality pet food. Reviews of Crave and their products are very positive and obvious for great reasons like this.

Final Thoughts

For owners looking for a great standard dry and wet cat food by Crave, then the Salmon & Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food and Salmon Pate both stand out. Both products would work great when paired together (as the Salmon Pate can also be used as a topper!) to give your cat the ultimate nutritious and delicious diet.

Crave makes great dry and cat food for cats of all ages and dietary requirements. They include real meat in their products and never use undesirable ingredients like soy and wheat. All of their wet and dry cat foods are high in protein, and give your feline the minerals and vitamins they need to be fit and healthy.

As cats need a high amount of protein in their diets, Crave has made sure their dry and wet cat foods are well-balanced to ensure your furry friend is getting enough nutrients for them to thrive. A lot of cat food brands use inferior ingredients and less protein in their products, so it’s great that Crave is not one of these companies!

Reviews for Crave’s wet cat food and dry cat food are mostly positive when you take a look on websites such as This means Crave is a trustworthy and reputable brand that delivers high-class wet and dry cat food for your companion. If you’re on the lookout for grain-free and healthy dry or wet cat foods for your feline, then Crave is an excellent choice!

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