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How To Reduce Allergic Reactions To Cats

Updated: August 10, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

What do we do when something is bad or harmful for us? Right. We stay away from that something. But what if that something is our cat and we are allergic to her? This is where things become trickier. Most people love their cats so much that they won’t part ways with their beloved cat so easy. So for them we gathered some tips on how to reduce allergic reactions to cats.

While allergies in general are becoming more of an issue in the latest years, this doesn’t mean they aren’t manageable. Most people develop a tolerance to allergens over time. And cat allergies are no exception. Allergic reactions to cats occur because of the allergens present in the cat’s dander, flakes of skin and fur and on everything your cat might have sat or rubbed her head on.

How to Reduce Allergic Reactions to Cats

Sometimes, the best method to reduce allergic reactions to cats is to either go away or get rid of your cat. Fortunately, there are other ways that can be of help.

Cleaning – Cat Included

One of the most important things to do when someone in your home is allergic to cats is thorough cleaning. Of the house and of the cat. Yeah, the cat as well.

Keeping your furniture and the floors and all your things clear of your cat’s fur makes a huge difference, so make sure you clean more often. And yeah, you should put a lot of work into vacuuming that carpet. Or simply throw it away if you’re lazy. Rugs are haven for allergens.

Investing some money into a HEPA vacuum cleaner will help. Also, a vapor steam cleaner is a good idea because the hot steam is very efficient in killing most of the allergens present in the upholstery and carpets.

In addition to that, wash your little furry friend’s bedding. And don’t forget about him too. Try to get him a bath every week or two using a special shampoo. That will reduce the dander he leaves around.

Cat-Free Zone

Another very important thing you can do to reduce allergic reactions to cats is to create a cat-free zone in your home. You can do it for your bed only, but we recommend doing it for the whole bedroom. So teach him that he’s not allowed there anymore.

Also, move the litter box in a room that you don’t use too often, so it won’t bother you too much.

Air Purifiers

Besides the HEPA vacuum cleaner, you can also invest in air purifiers and filters, which will further reduce the allergens in your home and make your nose happier.

Wash your hands

And don’t forget to wash your hands often. Especially after you pet your cat or clean your home.


Though not helpful in all cases, it may be worth paying a visit to a medic, an allergist, to determine the underlying cause of your allergy and further help develop a strategy to cope with it.

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