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Pretty Litter Cat Litter Review – Is it a Good Brand?

Updated: March 2, 2021 by Kristen Chapple

Cleaning your kitty’s litter box is probably not the highlight of your day, but it’s a task that has to be done.

Sometimes it can feel like your cat deliberately waits until after you’ve changed their litter to use the bathroom, often resulting in you have to clean their litter box a second time!

When you’re looking for good-quality cat litter for your furry friend, it can be a bit of a struggle. Not only are there a lot of brands, but the amount of different types of cat litter available seems endless. Clay, paper, silica gel, pine, and other materials you probably wouldn’t think could even be a cat litter, like walnuts!

At this point, you probably want to get the chore over with, so you might just purchase the first cat litter you see. However, you’re quick to notice your mistake with your selected cat litter you when you realize the awful smell in the kitchen isn’t from the trash can!

No one wants to be stuck with a cat litter that is ineffective at controlling odor, so that’s why Pretty Litter could be for you. As well as being effective at controlling odor, Pretty Litter’s formula also changes color when it detects possible anomalies in your feline’s urine.

What Is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a silica gel-based cat litter that is able to change color when your cat urinates on it. The color of the litter reflects possible health issues your furry friend might have.

This is the main selling point of Pretty Litter as it allows you to monitor your feline’s health and draw attention to any potential abnormalities.

Pretty Litter is a subscription service, so you cannot purchase this cat litter from anywhere other than the official Pretty Litter website. This is handy as the cat litter is delivered straight to your door, making it ideal for cat owners with busy schedules.

The positives of Pretty Litter include its color-changing formula and effective odor control. This litter is also easy to scoop up and can last for up to a month without changing it.

However, Pretty Litter can be quite messy due to its sandy consistency.

More on this later.

When you keep in mind Pretty Litter’s ability to help you recognize health problems your cat might have, the price you pay offers great value for money.

Pretty Litter sends you one month’s supply of cat litter for the number of companions you own. This works great if you’re always running out of cat litter as Pretty Litter sends you the exact amount you need for the month.

For example, one cat requires one bag of Pretty Litter. This bag should last one cat for up to a month.

My Biggest Beef: I Can’t Get it on Amazon or Chewy

Pretty Litter are a subscription-based service that delivers cat litter straight to your door. Unfortunately, Pretty Litter is currently unavailable to purchase through sites like Amazon and Chewy, so you can only buy their product through their official website (at least for now) using the link below:


What’s Different About Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter uses silica gel crystals. These crystals work well to absorb moisture and trap in odor.

The difference between silica gel litter and other litters, such as clay litter, is it can be used for up to a month. This means you don’t have to change the litter at all for that period. All you need to do is remove solid waste and mix in liquid waste to allow the litter to fully absorb it.

When the litter has reached maximum absorption, it will become saturated and you will typically see urine collecting at the bottom. That’s when you know the litter needs changing!

Pretty Litter is a bit different from other cat litters as it contains a color-changing formula. This means the litter changes color upon contact with your cat’s urine if it detects an abnormality.

Pretty Litter was created by Daniel Rotman when he lost his own cat to an illness that wasn’t caught until it was too late.

Pretty Litter is designed to help feline owners detect possible health issues that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Here’s a rundown on what the different colors mean:

  • Dark yellow/light green means your cat’s urine is perfectly normal. Nothing to be worried about.
  • Blue/dark green can mean there are high amounts of alkaline in your cat’s urine. This could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.
  • Orange can mean there is acidity in your cat’s urine. This could signal metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.
  • Red can mean there is blood in your cat’s urine. Bladder stones, kidney stones, bladder inflammation, urinary tract infections, and bladder cancer, among other issues, could cause the litter to turn red.

However, Pretty Litter mention that these colors could be due to your cat being switched to a new diet, as well as stress. Causes of stress could be recently moving, an addition of a new pet, or the loss of a household member.

If you notice the litter has changed color, then you should monitor it for 24 to 48 hours. If after this time, the color has not changed, then you should take your cat to see a vet.

This product is quite a breakthrough.


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Pretty Litter Review

As promised, here’s my Pretty Litter review. I’ll be talking more about the litter’s odor control, messiness, value for money, and its overall rating.


  • Color-changing crystals to help you monitor your cat’s health
  • Delivered each month
  • Good for odor control
  • Free shipping


  • Fairly pricey
  • Can be messy

Odor Control

Pretty Litter works well for controlling odor. This is due to the silica gel crystals in the formula, which are effective at soaking up liquid and locking in smells.

This also means scooping up any solid waste is simple as the small sand-like granules easily fall through your litter box scooper.

Additionally, the inclusion of silica gels in Pretty Litter means it doesn’t have an overpowering scent. If you or your cat are sensitive to perfumed litter, such as ones made from pine, then this kitty litter could be ideal.

Pretty Litter state that their litter will combat odor control for up to a month. However, this is dependent on the type of cat you own.

The 4-pound bag of Pretty Litter might be too small if you own a particularly large cat. Fortunately, you can order more than one bag of Pretty Litter each month, so if you don’t think one will be enough, this is a good option.

Additionally, if you have a cat that has a habit of using one section of their litter to urinate in, then this litter might not lock in odor as effectively. This is because the silica crystals saturate when they have reached full absorption.



As silica gel cat litters are very sandy, the small granules can get stuck onto your cat’s paws and make their way onto your floors.

Pretty Litter can be a little messy. Due to its sandy and dusty consistency, the litter can be kicked out fairly easily when your cat is using the bathroom.

This can create a bit of a mess around your cat’s litter box, as well as lead to a bit of tracking.

However, compared to other types of cat litters, such as clay litter, the messiness of Pretty Litter isn’t too bad. This is due to the small granules, which aren’t very visible even when they have escaped your companion’s litter box.

Placing the litter box on a litter mat or a bed of newspapers that cover the surrounding area could help reduce some of the mess. This will help catch any litter your cat does manage to kick up or get stuck on their paws.


A single bag of Pretty Litter weighs four pounds and is priced at $22. Shipping is free for all 48 contiguous US States. Discounts are applied to Pretty Litter if you purchase more than one bag per month.

For example, if you buy two bags of Pretty Litter in one month, the price is $40. If you purchase four bags per month, then the cost is $68. This means the fourth bag is completely free, which is a positive and ideal option if you own multiple cats.

For those who require a lot of cat litter each month, further discounts to Pretty Litter are applied. Ten bags of Pretty Litter is priced at $150, which will save you $70.

However, Pretty Litter is still quite pricey, even with discounts. As a whole, silica gel cat litters are fairly costly, so this is to be expected.

As Pretty Litter is able to tell you more about your cat’s health by changing color, this feature should be factored into the price. This is an impressive quality of Pretty Litter that could save you a lot of worries as it’s a great way to monitor your cat’s health.

For your cat’s health, Pretty Litter could be priceless. If you purchase this cat litter in bulk, then the cost can be reduced further.



Overall Rating

When considering the pros and cons of Pretty Litter cat litter, it’s safe to say that this is a good-quality product.

The color-changing formula to help you monitor your kitty’s health is useful and definitely the main highlight of this cat litter. Additionally, its effectiveness in controlling odor is another positive and a sign of premium cat litter.

A couple of other bonuses with Pretty Litter is that it doesn’t have an overpowering scent and is very easy to scoop up!

Although Pretty Litter can be quite a messy cat litter and the price is a little on the high side, the other great positives about this product more than makeup for this. Overall, Pretty Litter is a good cat litter!

Final Thoughts

Pretty Litter is a unique and all-around good cat litter to use for your feline. It is available to purchase on the Pretty Litter website as a handy subscription service.

The best feature of Pretty Litter is its ability to change color to point out possible health problems your cat might have.

This is invaluable as Pretty Litter could notify you about something that’s amiss with your cat so you can get it checked out sooner. For keeping a close eye on your cat’s health, Pretty Litter is an excellent product.

As well as being great for monitoring your furry friend’s health, Pretty Litter is also effective at odor control so your litter box smells fresher for longer. Additionally, the inclusion of silica gel crystals in Pretty Litter means you don’t have to change your cat’s litter box constantly. Pretty Litter can last for up to a month without being changed.


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