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Ever Wondered What Do Cats Think About Us?

Updated: August 11, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

I’m sure you’ve wondered what your furry little friend thinks about you or what’s the way he sees you. The answer to what cats think about us is more or less that we’re another fellow cat. Just a little bit… bigger. Though the research is not enough to give clear answers, it’s known that cats place us in the same box as themselves.

Cats have social lives

One thing is known for sure, that cats have social lives. They do – or don’t – get along with other fellow cats and since they treat us alike, it means that we’re as well part of their social life, and that our actions can influence their state of mind. And we thought they’re so independent and zen, right? Well, not as much as we think.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t change their behavior around humans. Their ways of showing affection to other cats is the same way in which they show affection to us as well.

Sometimes, they might wonder why we’re so clumsy and tripping on them all over the house while they are so agile and graceful when moving around. But the fact that they still rub their head against our feet shows that they don’t consider us inferior to them, as otherwise they won’t do that at all. So this is what cats think about us and they’re forgiving us for our awkward graceless feline behavior.

Stress affects cats too

One thing we might never think about is how much stress can affect our cats. Yeah, those zen little furballs can be stressed out. If you’ve seen two cats fighting then you sure do understand that they don’t always have that zen calm attitude. Especially when living in a house with another cat they can’t stand. Hopefully that’s not you.

Before going on and rambling on the fact that it’s their business to get or not get along with each other, try to understand that their mental and general health can be greatly affected by continuous stress. Think about yourself for a moment. You wouldn’t like to be stuck in the same situation, would you? And no, drugs won’t solve the problem.

Cats learn how to handle us

Yes, that’s right. Cats learn how to handle us. They learn how their actions or sounds they do affect what we’re doing. So, when your cat calls you from the other room and you’re answering her calling, she learns and will use that simple knowledge in the future. And that answer spawns right from what cats think about us, that we’re like them and can be influenced.

You’ve probably noticed that your little friend treats different family members in different ways. She has learned what works for each member. So, if one of you will give her some treats every time she asks for, well, she’ll keep asking that same person all the time. They’re smarter that we think they are.

Part of their behavior comes – like with us humans as well – from their childhood. Or should we say kittyhood? The behavior, involving body language like raising their tail, rubbing their heads against us and grooming us was transmitted from their cat mother to themselves when they were little, and since they see us as just some bigger cats, it’s normal they treat us like that.

So next time you’re wondering what cats think about us, be sure to treat your little friend as family. They do the same.

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