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Can Cats Eat Crackers?

Updated: August 11, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

Can Cats Eat Crackers?

This baked snack is considered quite nutritious and they are either ate on their own or with other food like cheese, meat, dips of various flavors, jam or butter. Most countries have at least one version of this and the main distinction that is made is between crackers and cookies, the former ones being salty while the latter are usually sweet. We use them for snacks so one day when your cat is looking at you while enjoying these you might ask “can cats eat crackers”? Let us find out together!

General Ingredients

The most simple crackers are marketed as a healthier version of potato chips since they are baked and have a lower amount of sodium. The nutritional value of these though is almost inexistent and their content is generally carbohydrates, oil and salt. Thus no nutritional value such as vitamins, minerals or phytochemicals that can aid us or our cats.

Possible Risks

They are indeed less harmful for cats when compared to potato chips, but they still offer no benefits so consider them empty calories for your pet. This means that they will lead to weight gain and can even increase the risk of obesity if they become a habit.

Feline obesity is one of the most common nutritional problems of today and this reduces the pet’s mobility, life span and overall quality of life. An obese cat is more lethargic and can also have an increased risk for diabetes or just make the conditions the pet already has become more severe.

Plain crackers also have quite a bit of salt on them and this can lead to an increased blood pressure, to dehydration and even to salt poisoning if the quantity is high enough. Remember that cats cannot process sodium as well as we can and their smaller size makes them very susceptible to becoming ill. This means that salt should always be kept to a minimum as the risks are extremely serious for your furry friend.


The risks that we mentioned above apply to crackers that have flavors as well but here we may have some new ones as well. Garlic, chives and onions are extremely bad for cats and they should be always kept away from them. Even in small quantities, a powder of garlic or onions can put your cat under the threat of death so if you know they ate some you should rush to a vet.

As a general conclusion remember that crackers are junk food for us and for your cats as well so sharing them might not be the best idea. There are much better options for treats and it is recommended to pick something that will improve the life of your cat instead of worsening it.

Short Answer:

If the crackers are plain then they don’t offer any benefits so think of them as empty calories which don’t provide your cat with anything.

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