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Can Cats Eat Potato Chips?

Updated: August 6, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

I can polish off a bag of potato chips in a couple of minutes. And I am sure there’s an army of people out there that can match my achievement on a regular basis. Potato chips are addictive, there’s no doubt about that. But, does its magic work on our furry masters? Can cats eat potato chips? Yes, we all know that potato chips are junk food but we still eat it. Is it the same for cats?

I already wrote about spaghetti, pancakes, and marshmallows. So, if you read some of those articles you may have figured it out. My usual answer is: no and yes.

Before I get to the bottom of this story I have a piece of advice. Don’t think about healthy food for you and your cat. These are not apples and oranges. Human food and cat food have almost nothing in common. And that’s the basic rule to keep in your mind all the time. Now, we can move on to see why I say no, and why I say yes.

Why Your Cat Can Eat Potato Chips

I don’t like to sound negative, so I’ll start on the positive side. Even though there isn’t one. Potatoes and potato products have very little to no nutritional value for your Fluffy. But, processed potato is not toxic to cats. And if your kitty gets a morsel or two every now and then, it is not harmful.

Basically, potatoes are empty calories for cats. Or junk food in other words. Potato chips contain vegetable oil and lots of salt and neither is good for your cat. So, small quantities won’t hurt in case that your furry companion likes to chew on potato chips. Just don’t make it a habit. And avoid flavored potato chips.

Why Your Cat Shouldn’t Eat Potato Chips

First of all, you probably want to provide healthy food for your cat. And I am not talking about super healthy food that will turn your cat into a supercat. I am talking about basic nutritional needs which are necessary for Her/His Majesty to thrive and stay in good health.

Rules of healthy feeding are quite simple for cats. Their stomachs are designed to use nutrients from animal sources, almost exclusively. It means that your cat needs meat to get proteins, meat to get vitamins, and meat to get minerals. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your cat should eat meat only, but you get the picture. Eating a few veggies or grains is allowed, but it’s not really important.

As far as I know, potato is not meat. It is starchy food rich in carbs and fibers. So, your furry companion can eat some plain cooked potatoes (i.e., not mashed with butter and cream) occasionally. Potato chips are worse, because of useless vegetable oil, and potentially harmful large amounts of salt

At the end of the day, you have two choices. You can indulge your cat’s curiosity and fulfill everything your master wishes. Or you can think for a moment before you act. If you decide to think, you will see that potato chips don’t come with any benefits. And if you are not very careful, it can cause some problems and discomfort. So, why bother measuring each bite that your cat eats for no potential benefit? There are many delicious and healthy snacks for your cat. Unfortunately, none of them are human’s snacks.


Sharing a house and loving your cat isn’t enough. If you want to fully enjoy your companionship with your cat, you should learn to understand her or him. It includes knowledge about food that is good for your Fluffy.

Cats are pretty independent when it comes to personality, but when it comes to food they absolutely depend on you. It is good to know that they are not masters of everything, but it’s also a responsibility. Whether your cat thrives or not is entirely up to you.

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