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Can Cats Eat Roses?

Updated: August 6, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

Cats and roses. It sounds like a good name for a girl band. Or a girl rock band. But, let’s get serious. Roses are probably the most popular flowers. Not only for gardens but also as a gift. Can cats eat flowers like roses? For someone who doesn’t know a lot about cats, this question may seem ridiculous. However, if you have a cat, chances are you caught her chewing on some pretty peculiar things. Cats are very curious and playful and you might see them biting almost everything – from plants in your garden to cords and plastic.

Why does your cat try to get a taste of anything? Is she lacking some important nutrients, is she maybe sick or is it just boredom? It is natural to ask these questions, but you shouldn’t worry. Unless your cat does it obsessively. The truth is that no one knows the exact answer to why cats chew on unexpected things. But, it is a pretty common behavior. So, as I said, if it happens occasionally it’s okay. Most of the vets and scientists believe that smell, texture, and urge to play are triggering this behavior.

However, some plants can be harmful and even toxic to cats, so you need to keep your cat away from it. The majority of plants are not toxic to cats but they can cause an upset stomach if your Fluffy eats too much of it. But, some of them can be poisonous and very dangerous. So, keep an eye on your feline friend and learn about dangerous plants to keep them out of your cat’s reach.

Cats and Roses

Roses aren’t toxic to cats, so if you get a bouquet of roses you don’t have to worry. Chances are your cat would rather bat it around than chew on it. But, even if she eats some of it, don’t worry. As long as your cat doesn’t eat a large amount of it, she’ll be fine. And large amounts of anything can make your cat feel uncomfortable. So, roses are more or less like any other non-toxic plants for cats. A few nibbles won’t cause any trouble, while larger portions might cause some stomach discomfort that will go away in a couple of hours.

However, there are hidden dangers that come with roses – thorns. So, maybe it is not the best idea to have thorny roses in your garden. Cats are not stupid, though, they can figure it out on their own. Otherwise, you could never let them out of your house.

While regular roses pose no serious threat, there are some plants that have ‘rose’ in their name that can cause some harm.

Christmas Rose

Christmas rose is a popular plant that flowers in the winter. Even though it is called ‘rose’ it doesn’t belong to the rose family. It is poisonous for both humans and cats. So keep it away from your kitty.

Desert Rose

It is an evergreen shrub native to some parts of Africa, mostly around Sahara desert, hence the name. It is not related to roses and it is poisonous. Actually, it produces a sap that is very poisonous. Indigenous people from Africa have used it since ancient times to create poisonous arrows to hunt large animals. Obviously, you don’t want your Fluffy around this plant.


While primrose isn’t toxic to cats, it is often used to produce oils. Primrose oil has been used in traditional medicine, but it is dangerous for your kitty.


Rosebay belongs to the family of Rhododendrons. It is a beautiful garden shrub. But, it is very toxic to cats. Even a few nibbles are very dangerous, so you must keep your cat away from this plant.


If you like cats and roses you can be calm. You can enjoy watching your beautiful garden together with your kitty. However, always keep an eye on your cats chewing preferences. Roses are safe, but your Fluffy shouldn’t eat a lot of any plant-based food. I don’t think that your cat would consider roses a feast, but if I am wrong it can end up with some stomach issues. Anyway, don’t worry if your feline companion nibbles on flowers or grass occasionally. Just make sure that you keep dangerous plants away from your garden and away from your cat.

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