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How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

Updated: August 11, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

You might have noticed so far that some cats prefer some persons more than others, as if they’ve chosen them as their favorite person. The truth is that they do. But have you wondered how do cats choose their favorite person?

For some, this may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t – at least for cat owners – be something unexpected, as cats are known to form bonds with their most loved fellow humans. Let’s explore this interesting type of relationship that goes on between cat and humans.

How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person

While there’s this misconception going on around that cats are just some insensitive unloving creatures that don’t care even a little bit about their owners but always look to profit from them for the obvious reasons involving shelter, food and affection, we have to say that it’s all a myth.

Just because cats are a lot more independent than dogs and don’t always show the dependence that dogs show to their bigger two legged fellows, it doesn’t mean they don’t get affective and attached to them. As a matter of fact, they do. Cats do love and form bonds with their owners.

And they also seem to favor one person over another.

The Why

As is the case with us too, cats also develop personal preferences on some persons over others and that depends on some variables.

The first and most important one is the breed, or the personality of the cat. One feline’s favorite person might not be another feline’s favorite just because they will look for different needs to be met. Some cats are very playful and active, so they will prefer someone who plays with them most of the time over someone who’s there only to feed them.

Other cats are less sociable, so they might prefer a human companion who simply makes them feel safe and secure by leaving them to their own devices most of the time. Some cats might be in for more petting, as that is the need they want to fulfill more often than not, so they’re looking for that person who does just that: pet them.

This doesn’t mean that the cat in question will not show affection to other fellow humans, it just means that he or she will go more often than not to their favorite person. Which is not something to blame, as we do the same, don’t we?

How To Become Your Kitty’s Best Friend

To become your kitty’s best friend, you will need to learn how cats communicate and interpret the signals accordingly. The most important thing is not to interact with the cat when he or she doesn’t want that. That’s why learning to interpret your furry friend’s signals might prove as a winning strategy. After all, it’s the same with us, humans, isn’t it?

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