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What Is Cat Yoga?

Updated: March 8, 2021 by Kristen Chapple

It seems as if a new exercise regimen is invented virtually every day, and it can be tough to keep track of what each one involves. While some use different forms of exercise machines or equipment, there are others that involve attending sessions with your pets.

One of the fastest-growing fitness trends is cat yoga, but most people just assume what is involved rather than knowing too much about it. For this reason, we have put together this guide to fully answer the question: What is cat yoga?

what is cat yoga?

The Origins

People have probably exercised with pets being present ever since we first understood what exercising was, and cats most surely have involved themselves in the yoga activities of their owners before, but it was only recently that the idea of cat yoga began to spread.

It seems to have been triggered by a fundraising campaign that was run by Adopt-a-Cat that soon led to a large number of videos being uploaded to youtube that instructed owners on how to develop a deeper bond with their feline friends. Soon after, organized classes started popping up around the world.

What It Involves

You may have already heard of dog yoga, which involves you working together with your pet to achieve various poses. Cat yoga, though, sees yogis performing their normal routine with the cat wandering freely around the room. Due to their inquisitive nature, cats will interact with you while you are doing this, which adds an extra unpredictable experience to your session.

There are some practitioners who pose with their cats too, it depends on how interested the pet is in getting involved. This video from youtube is a good example of this:

The Benefits Of Cat Yoga

Cat yoga can bring great benefits to both the owner and the pet. Yoga will improve your flexibility, build muscle strength, perfect your posture, increase blood flow, helps you focus, and lowers your blood sugars. Doing this with your cat, though, adds a few extra benefits like making it more fun and helping to develop a deeper bond together. Taking time each day to go through your routine will improve your health and the relationship you have with your cat.

Where Can I Go To Do Cat Yoga?

The origins of cat yoga came from home practitioners and if you have a cat at home, all you need to do is start your routine with the cat in the room and encourage it to join in. Soon enough it will come to explore and perform its own routine next to you.

If you don’t have your own cat then you’ll be glad to know that there are classes available that provide cats for you. Quite often rescue shelters put on classes to provide a fun activity for people as well as providing human contact for the cats.

How To Learn More

There are lots of videos across the internet of cat yoga, so it is worth doing a search to get some ideas and inspiration from what people are doing. Here are some good videos to get you started:

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a new healthy activity that will improve your well-being at the same time as allowing you to spend lots of time developing your bond with your cat, then cat yoga could be great for you. You will benefit from all of the health benefits that yoga helps with, and learn a new side of your playful friend who will love getting in your way and climbing all over your back while you try to concentrate.

If you want to learn more about cat yoga and what it involves, follow the links above to watch some videos of classes and people doing yoga with their cats. As you’ll see, pets and owners alike have great fun and, if in the process they get healthy, what’s there to lose?

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments box below — and good luck doing that handstand scorpion with your cat holding on!

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