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Can Cats Eat Sushi?

Updated: August 11, 2022 by Kristen Chapple

Sushi is a Japanese specialty that stands out as an amazing combination between a treat and something really healthy which is quite a rare thing. These are great as quick snacks if we are in a rush and also as a festive food since they come in so many varieties. They are easy and healthy for us so you might wonder if it is OK for your cat to have some. Let us find together the answer to the question: ”Can cats eat sushi?”

Nutritional Value Of Rice

It is difficult to cover the health benefits in general as there are so many ways of preparing this dish but we usually have raw fish and rice as the two main components so let us talk about those.

White rice is basically just junk food for your cat since they gain no benefit from it and it also contains a lot of sugar.

Cats don’t really require the few calories from rice and it can also make our cat overweight, meaning that their risk of diabetes, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and even cancer can increase. One other problem is that carbohydrates can be difficult for cats to digest so they might start to vomit or get diarrhea from too much rice.

Seaweed, like the nori sheets that are wrapped around sushi, is a totally different matter. Read our article on seaweed to learn the health benefits of seaweed.

Fish For Cats

Fish is considered to be really great for cats but there are many risks with this kind of meat that most people don’t take into account. They do contain Omega-3 fatty acids but there are many cats which are allergic to fish so make sure your cat isn’t one of them before giving them too much fish. The common symptoms of fish allergy are: vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes and breathing problems such as coughing or wheezing.

The fish varieties in sushi are quite diverse and some fish can contain dangerous substances like pesticides or mercury and cats are more susceptible to be harmed by them due to their smaller size. There are also some findings that the thyroid problems of cats can be related to the consumption of fish so make sure your cat really doesn’t have any of these risks.

Treats or Spoils

It is true that cats do love the taste of fish and they will certainly eat some sushi if you give it to them, but this doesn’t mean that it’s good for them. The taste of fish can become so great for them that they will sometimes even refuse other types of meat in the hopes that they will receive more fish. This is definitely not a healthy attitude and perhaps it should be another reason to think about the treats you offer your cat.

Short Answer:

It isn’t really harmful but neither is it good for the cat. Rice doesn’t offer any benefits and fish can cause allergies so it should be done with a lot of care if you really want to give them sushi.

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